Rise - Image Size Challenge for Flashcard Grid

Mar 03, 2021

Hello eLearning Heroes - 

I am having a bit of a sizing challenge with my stars :) I would like the star size to be the same on the card - however, as you can see - 1 star outshines them all in size.  I have tried working with JPG  and PNGs - and even converted and uploaded as SVGs however the Flashcard grid code - seems to be adjusting the image size to fit. 


Does anyone have a mathematical calculation for my pixel width to synchronize the star size?


TIA!!! Star Challenge

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Lea Agato

Hi Simmy, you can try using PNG or JPG files with the same dimension for each of your images (800x800 pixels for example). You'll also want to keep the size of the stars consistent in all of the files.  Here's a sample Flaschard I created following the steps I mentioned above.  Is this what you're trying to create?  Please let me know if you have other questions! Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Simmy,

While there isn't a way to edit pixels within the Flashcard, I have a few tips that I think will help you:

  1. Be sure all of your images have the same dimensions before importing them into the flashcard block.
  2. Use Centered Image instead of Full Card Image to prevent the image from scaling up in the flashcard.
  3. Try the image cropping tool to crop the image, if needed.