Rise - image&text: sometimes image zooms, sometimes it doesn't. Why is that?

Hi all,

Quite frequently I run into the problem that images I import to a "image&text" interaction will not zoom as I expect it. To illustrate what I mean, I add the review link of a project. 


In there, under "Lichttechnische Begriffe", you see an example that zooms as I'd expect it. In the next lesson "Lichtquellen", you see the example (graphic "Entladungslampen" that bothers me. The graphic has "Enable zoom on image click" activated but the graphic size does not enlage, when I click it. Also I had set the Image Size back to 25%, because I don't want that pic to appear so big. But no matter 75% or 25%, the pic size remains the same. 

Why does it sometimes work and sometimes not? Or better asked; how can I assure, that graphics I import to a image&text interaction, always zoom correctly? 

I hope you understand what I mean and thank you in advance for your support. Roland 

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Karl Muller

As Katherine mentioned, that link does not work.

Open your course and select SHARE. Find and copy the PREVIEW LINK.

About your question, without seeing your course this is my best guess.

Rise has a predefined area for an Image and Text block that is used to display images.

If the original image is larger than the image display area, the image will be resized dynamically and displayed within the predefined boundaries. When zooming in, Rise will display the original larger image.

Whereas if the image you upload is smaller than the predefined image display area (or the same size), it will stay at the same size when "zoomed in".

So zoom will not make an image larger than it's original size.

There are other block types that work in the same, like the Process Block.

Roland Straub

Hi Katherine and Karl,

Thx for your very quick replies and your first presumptions. Sorry, the link didn't work and thx Kate, for your hint with the "share" link

That's how I would like it to work: if the original image is larger than the image display area, the image will be resized. Rise does this correctly with the image I imported to Lesson "Lichttechnische Begriffe". But the picture I imported to lesson "Lichtquellen" always remains the same size, no matter if I set the "image size" to 75%, 50% or 25%. With this image, the zooming doesn't seem to work. 

It's not a killer, as the image in question does not have too many details. But it's a bit annoying to have not all images react the same way. If you have another idea, it would be most appreciated. If not I still thank you for your support  and wish you a nice weekend