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Crystal Horn

Hi folks! We heard you, and we are excited to tell you about Rise.com, the new enterprise-class online training system that your employees will love.

Rise makes training easy to create, enjoyable to take, and simple to manage. You can create courses, enroll learners, and distribute, track, and analyze your training all in one system. To learn more about Rise, please visit rise.com.

Harry Carter

Gee, been asking for this but jeez, we are a small company compared to the offerings. 100 students per month equals $4 per student. 10 students per month would cost us $40 per student. Is everyone who comes on here a high roller?  LOL :)

 Also, think about...the transition thing. I'd have to instantly be paying $4,800 before I even got rolling. Please ask them for a 

"lighter fare" option. I REALLY want and need this.



Harry Carter

So I'm a bit confused with the price structure of Rise Learning.

1) Up to 100 people = $443.33 per month or $4.33 per month per user if 100 users.

2) Up to 250 people = $887.78 per month or $3.55 per user per month if 250 users.


If we have 101 users per month, it's $887.78 divided by 101 = $8.78 per user?

100 users per month = $4.33 per user per month but add one more student and the price doubles per user???  

I am NOT buying apples or bananas from YOU!  LOL.

Looking deeper...at the Large Plan...501 people costs the same per user as the 100th user in the Up to 100 Plan? $2,221.11 divided by 501 = $4.43 per user, per month. Such a deal :)

Please tell me that I'm not correct.


Harry Carter

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lindy! We would love our Articulate Online customers to use Rise. You'll be able to easily export your existing Rise 360 content to Rise.com, and we’re working on support for Storyline courses in Rise.com that will allow you to upload that content to Rise.

You can always learn more about Rise at www.rise.com. You can also email sales@rise.com to talk with the Rise sales team!

Lindy Mantin


I think that moving to this new platform will take considerable consideration.

I am not a "Rise" fan. I like to have a tangible file on my desktop/file system (aka like .story) so that I can manage and update over time and share with any supplier that I wish or internal resource. Rise doesn't provide that nor the flexibility /capabilities of Storyline. And the filing system is not effective. Integration between Rise and Storyline is clunky and my LMS doesn't like it.

I did watch the video and frankly, as an L& D Learning Strategist, I am offended by the thought that "anyone" can create effective training within minutes. There appears to be a disconnect with the customers who buy and use your products, regardless of how easy they appear to use. Learning is a science and the creation of learning is about marrying the science (neuroscience and cognitive capabilities) with business requirements and effective strategies to enable performance (behaviours, attitudes, knowledge, skills, .....). Your strategy to drive your customers to "Rise" doesn't sit well with me but I can understand that it would be very attractive to individuals who still believe that if you can hold a marker, or make a PowerPoint, that you can develop training.

I can only assume that your marketing plan was to highlight the ease of use and the potential quick development for companies focussed on agile developments and just in time training.

The shift away from Articulate Online to this potential solution may not meet with where I wish to go strategically. I work for a large company and we use Articulate Online as a testing area and for urgent training needs. We would never replace our LMS.



Dina Venezky

Hi -

Is Rise 360 going away? If so, I'd love to know. We are using the platform
and articulate because it is free (and beautiful) and will need to find
another option if you are going to a per-user revenue model.

Thank you.

Dina Venezky, Ph.D.
Empowering Women Leaders
Executive Director for Non-Degree Programs
Smith College
Northampton, MA 01063
Executive Education | Business Preparedness
Program | Precollege

Lindy Mantin

Agree, I am really working hard to create a more flexible Survey and thought about Rise.... But wait....doesn't load to Articulate Online!!! And doesn't have the survey questions...

Without the download of the Source Files and the ability to post to Articulate Online.... Not a good option for long term use.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amanda. We don't have plans to host Rise 360 content in Articulate Online.

Have you checked out Rise.com? You can move your Rise 360 courses to Rise.com as well as author new ones. Rise.com takes Rise authoring to another level with a generous library of pre-built content. We have some exciting things planned for hosting external content there, too.

If you have any questions about Rise.com, use the chat feature at the bottom of that page to connect with the Rise team!