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I'm currently trying to convince my manager to upgrade to 360 - Rise and Review being my two big reasons to save time and improve communication.

I am currently the only one who creates our online courses. 90% of my time I work from home (on a desktop PC) but a couple of times a month I have to travel to our head office for meetings etc. When I'm there I have to hotdesk.

My question: Can I access Rise in both locations with just one account? Or do i have to try to convince my boss we need to have the team option with a seats in each location?

thanks !

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael, 

Erin is 100% correct - since Rise is a web authoring tool, you can log into it wherever and whenever. It's a good reminder that if you're going to open a course on another browser or computer you'll want to first close out or shut down the one you were previously using - as we've seen some recent users who lost work in their course if they were opening it in multiple browsers. 

With the desktop tools that are a part of Articulate 360 you'll be able to download those onto two different computers for your use. If you need to install it on additional computers or would like more than one person to use it, you'll need to purchase additional subscriptions. Or, you may want to consider an Articulate 360 Teams account. Articulate 360 Teams includes all the benefits of an individual Articulate 360 subscription plus team management, seat management, consolidated billing, priority support, and unlimited storage space. See this comparison for details: https://www.articulate.com/pricing#compare 

Let me know if you have any other questions. I'm here to help!

Cortex Learn LMS

Hi Ashley, 

We are a training company that want to use Rise  with our clients who currently use Adapt Builder (Rise is so much better!)  We think this is a great business mode.  We both want to have access to the account, so the team option suits us.  What happens though when we convince our 2nd client to purchase 360?  We also want to share their files but obviously we don't want to purchase another subscription as we already have it.  

In essence we want one account that can access to all of our clients accounts, but we don't want to have to purchase a new subscription every time our client buys a subscription.  

Any thoughts?




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Olga, 

When you're on a 360 Teams plan the files you create and items you upload to Articulate Review are still specific to the individual account, so if you are working with a client who also has Articulate 360 there are a few options for how they can share files and courses with you. Within Rise there are two options described here - Send a Copy and Collaborate on a Course. 

If you have other questions about how this would impact your subscription, our Sales team is happy to walk through that with you. Reach out to them here!