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Tiana Adair

Good afternoon Alyssa. I just posted the following query. Can you provide any advice re this please. Many thank yous:

Good afternoon fellow Articulate users

I have a query/quandary/dilemma that I am not sure how to approach.

Due to internet security issues, my department no longer uses Rise to develop material for publication into our LMS.

I have developed two training courses using Rise that I wish to publish.

What can I do? Is there a way of getting around this? Do I need to copy the course piece by piece into Storyline so that it can be securely published?

Any advice regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Tania! Thanks for your question! While there isn't a one-to-one conversion between Rise 360 and Storyline 360, I would recommend copying and pasting the text from your existing Rise courses into Storyline.

Also, here's an easy way to access all the media files you're used in your Rise 360 courses:

  1. Export the course for Web.
  2. Open the zipped output folder, and you'll find another folder called "assets." All of the media files can be found inside that folder. 
  3. You can import those media files into Storyline 360, as needed.