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Joao Castro Silva Junior

Yeah, something changed behind the scenes and now we're getting blocked here. Is there a release notes I can read somewhere? Please see screenshot. Thanks.

EDIT: Found release notes, nothing that would help us identify what changed behind the scenes though :( https://articulate.com/support/article/Rise-Version-History

EDIT #2 because we love edits: If it helps, we started getting blocked after whatever change fixed the issues from yesterday.

eLearning Developer

I logged back out, and back in and then cleared my cache. (again) Went one further and re-booted my machine, in case it was a connectivity issue. Nope. 

Ironically, it was after I cleared my cache to conduct some testing yesterday, that I was not able to get back into Rise 360 and then received the error I attached earlier.

I'm still getting the blank screen. (attached) in Chrome. 

Thank you for any help you can provide!


eLearning Developer

I'm still unable to use Rise 360 in Chrome again today.

I'm not using our company VPN (which is Pulse Secure). I only turn on VPN when I need to use it to access network drives, otherwise I don't use it. 

Right now, I'm using Edge, just to be able to access the modules. I'm pretty frustrated. Is there anything else I can try?