Rise Knowledge Check

Hi, I have a question that relates to knowledge checks in Rise. Here's the issue I have; I'm adding a new lesson, then selecting Quiz from the Add Content menu. I then select to edit the content and I see two question types; Pick One and Pick Many. If I choose to add a question, it simply adds another Pick One question type; there's no option to choose the type Pick Many. Also, having both types available when creating the quiz seems random - more often than not, I only get two Pick One questions. Am I doing something wrong?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matt,

We released some new quiz questions types for Rise and it sounds like you got a sneak preview yesterday before it was live. 😉 

If you don't see it today, try logging out of Rise and back in again. Once you're there take a look at the information here for all the new question types.