Rise label translations don't save when transferring course owner

Jan 17, 2022

Hi All,
We  have a course that needs to be translated to multiple languages. I've added collaborators for each language and the courses themselves have been translated successfully by the local  language members of our team.

However we've hit a problem when it comes to them translating labels. Obviously role settings mean they can only do this as a course owner - so I have transferred ownership to them to make the label translations to their languages label set, then they transfer ownership back to me. However - the label translations aren't saving!! When it comes back to me, it defaults back to English, then when i select the local language label set, nothing is translated! 

Any idea what's going on?



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Karl Muller

Hi Lucy,

Strange as it may seem, what you are experiencing is expected behavior.

As you have experienced, when course ownership of a Rise course is transferred to another person, the label set will revert to the default English label set. 

Rather than transferring ownership back and forth, rather use the XLIFF method described in the link below:


Lucy Hood

Gosh how bizarre! The defaulting back to the English label set isn't necessarily a problem - as changing it back to another label set is a quick fix...but saving the creation and translation of a custom label set is surely what would be expected? 

Why would you want to create a custom label set but not save it when you're collaborating with someone?!

Anyway - i managed to do some googling and find a free XLIFF tool - bit of a faff though! 

Thanks for the help :)

Elizabeth de Santiago

Good morning!

I am wondering if there are plans to allow the imported XLIFF translated labels to transfer when ownership of a course is transferred.  Unfortunately, this poses a massive issue with maintenance that is conducted within our organization. We have over 600 courses in multiple languages. The people who perform maintenance on the courses are not the course owners. This also is a problem with our courses that are translated outside our organization and then transferred to us when complete.

Is this something Articulate could put on its agenda to fix in the future?