Rise: Labels and new projects

Oct 30, 2018


I've created multiple projects using Rise.  Some projects require the same Labels (under settings) while others need something different.  Initially, I kept all my projects in one folder and then I saw my labels were automatically changing even though I only changed one project.   

I have now separated the topics of my projects into different folders and I thought I corrected the issue, but it is still inconsistent.  If I change a label in Folder A it effects all the appropriate projects within Folder A, BUT it is also changing the labels in Folder B for different projects.  BUT projects in Folder C were not effected by the change made to the one project in Folder A.

Am I missing something?  I should be able to change labels for one project without the change effecting another project, correct? 

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Alyssa Gomez

That's a great question, Shea!

When you edit text labels, the changes affect all your Rise courses that use the same label set.

For example, if you edit the built-in English label set, every course that uses that label set will automatically get the same changes.

We recommend creating a new label set when you need to customize text labels so you won’t accidentally change the labels in other Rise courses. To change the name of a label set, just hover over it in the drop-down list and click the pencil icon that appears. 

Let me know if you have more questions about that!

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