Rise Lesson Titles

Feb 26, 2021


How do I create a title on two rows for a Rise Lesson title?

For example, I want a lesson title to be shown as:

Best Seller #1

Product Name


Thanks for your help!

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Sam Williamson

You can use a <br> HTML tag to insert a break into a lesson title, but unfortunately this doesn't get parsed in its menu listings so it's a messy solution.

For example, this...

Short Bit<br>Followed By Really, Really Long Part

...will break the text as intended across two lines when viewing the actual lesson page, but in your side menu or contents page it'll be listed as written above, even displaying the HTML.

My only other suggestion would be to use non-breaking spaces within the product name, as then the entire name will be considered one 'word' and shift itself down a line if there isn't enough space for the entire thing. Another imperfect solution, though, as this might also look a bit odd in menus and likely won't work well on smaller screens; if it has to break the product name to fit it on a mobile device it can't see your 'spaces' in the product name, so it'll likely break in a weird spot.