Rise line and word breaks in mobile view

Hello Heroes - In many on my Statement C format blocks, there is unpredictable line and word breaks when previewing on mobile. Desktop and Tablet preview fine. I'm using my iPhone 7 to test the course and I am getting the line and word breaks like I captured in the attached screens. 

I read an earlier thread that something was updated 11 months ago - but I'm wondering if others still experience the breaks like I am.

Any way to correct this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie,

Could you send us the Share link as well so that we could preview it? I took a look at recreating it with some sample text and all wrapped normally in the Mobile Preview and when I used the share link on my iPhone 6S.


I'd love to compare this with what you're seeing! Also, can you tell me what browser you're authoring in, and what browser(s) you've tested it on with your iPhone ?