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Christy Tucker

You can export Rise in xAPI format, so if your LifterLMS site is set up with an LRS, that should work. Are you using the xAPI add-on?


Do you really need to track completion to sell these courses? An alternative would be to just publish your Rise courses in Web format rather than xAPI format. You can still restrict access and charge for them, just like you would for any other content in LifterLMS.

Christy Tucker

If you had that much trouble with LifterLMS, you could try LearnDash. That should also work with xAPI, assuming you have your site and LRS configured correctly.

An alternative would be to have the Rise content in your LifterLMS site, but build the final test directly in LifterLMS instead of in Rise. Then you can track directly in LifterLMS and provide the certificate using what's built into LifterLMS. Then you wouldn't need any xAPI tracking.