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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ant!

That's a great question. Rise gives you the option to Track using course completion or Track using quiz result. It sounds like the best option for your would be to track using course completion. Here's a video I recorded for you using Peek that explains how Rise calculates percent completion. 

Once the course is in the LMS, the LMS will report either Complete or Incomplete, but not partially complete. This is similar to the Storyline setting, “Track number of slides viewed." If you set the course completion percentage to 40% (2 lessons in your example) in Rise, users that view 2 lessons or more will be marked as Complete, and users who view less than 2 lessons will be marked as Incomplete.

I hope this is helpful! Thanks for checking it all out. :)

Oliver Gaede

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for sharing the video. It shows how the learner's completion is tracked whilst in Rise.

The kind of information really useful for an educator would be:

10 out of 20 students completed all lessons, 5 out of 20 students completed half of the lessons and 5 out of 20 students only viewed one lesson. 

Any way to get this kind of information from Rise?  This information is readily available if I just upload individual recordings  to my LMS without using Rise.

All the best,





Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Oliver,

Rise won't know how many students in total there are, or how much they've completed in a course - as that's a piece of the LMS tracking.

Have you looked at exporting the Rise course for LMS and uploading into  your environment? If you're not ready to put it in a live environment, you could always look at using SCORM Cloud. For example, I uploaded a Rise course to SCORM Cloud, and here's what I saw about my learners (I only had one, me!). 

Let me know if you're running into any trouble or have other questions about Rise! 

Cory Piña

I realize this is an old thread, but I'm looking for the same thing as Oliver. I'd love to get that progress information out of Rise and into our LMS. In our case, we're using LearnDash in WordPress. I'm already using an LRS (Grassblade) to track course completion. But, as far as the LRS/LMS is concerned, a course is either at 0% or 100% completion. I'd love to be able to access the data that we see in the progress bar inside Rise.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Cory,

Thanks for reaching out!

Right now, Rise does not send this data to LMSs. It sounds like having the ability to send learner course progress data to your LMS would improve your experience using Rise. We'd love to hear more if you would be up for logging a feature request.

Please reach out if I can help with anything else!