Rise Login Failure - Help!

Apr 09, 2020


I can't login to Rise.  It's trying to log me in but keeps looping as if it's trying to validate some info but cannot. (author call back token?)  I am able to access my account on a different device, just not on my computer.  

This has happened before, I have signed out and back in, cleared history, cookies, temp files, changed passwords and email, re-installed browser and articulate software, logged in elsewhere, tried a new internet connect, rebooted PC - nothing.  I'm at a loss.

The last time it just started working after a few days again on it's own.

Any ideas?

Attached is a video of the issue.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there! Sorry you're having trouble logging into Rise 360. 

First, check the clock in the lower-right corner of your Windows desktop. If the time is off even by a few minutes, you may encounter issues logging in. If you find you need to adjust the clock, click Date and Time Settings, and toggle the Set time automatically setting to OFF and then back ON.

Let me know if that helps you, or if we need to keep digging!

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