Rise Logo and Cover photo sizes

Jun 02, 2017

I've been searching through the discussions and I haven't found a concrete answer regarding the logo image size and cover photo size.

I am just curious as to what the max width/height of the logo can be as well as the recommended image size for cover photos. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Delia,

IE isn't a support browser for Rise authoring, so it makes sense that you'd run into some issues there.

What version of Firefox were you using to author? I'm on ver. 59 (the latest) and that worked with uploading your logo.

Can you also test uploading it to a different course? It may be something course specific that you're running into as well, which if that's the situation our Support Engineers are happy to help! They'll want to know your Articulate ID and the course title to look.

Phoenix Cavalier

Not sure if this is showing up, but the cropping question for the default header is that it keeps cutting off the heads of our talent in the shot. Knowing it's responsive, we've used images with more 'head room', but that's not always possible. It seems we need to be able to move the image along a vertical axis, to at least choose the default image position for the desktop/tablet landscape layout. As it is, the lack of control makes it hard to maintain brand identity across learning objects. 

Also, I agree with other comments - each page/block needs the ability to have a 'header image', b/c this helps brand, or set the tone, of the topic/section being covered. 

Thank you! 

Paul Ortiz-Gomez

I created a banner with the dimensions 1900px wide X 430px height and it worked perfect.

You just have to be aware to make the part of the image that you want displayed in the middle so when it resizes to appear on the side menu it comes centered.

I have attached a screenshot with the guides so you have an idea of where to place the image in the middle so it displays properly.

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