RISE Miniature SL 3 Import Screen Size - Why so Small?

Greetings All:

The responsive design offered in Rise is terrific in many applications but I have a challenge with importing "modern" screen size interactive from Storyline 3, through Articulate 360 into Rise. Based on the Photo cover discussion, can I assume there is no way to adjust the frame size for imported SL Content into Rise? If so, that is disappointing.

I have attached two pics, RISE displays my 1502 x 835 SL 3 test project at 754 x 407! The design Story Size Setup is 1220 x 686. 

Our users are using larger monitors, and this result is just not acceptable.

This seems to be an ongoing need and requests surely have been made for this can I assume?

Am I missing something? Thanks very much and best to all  - 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ed,

Thanks for sharing those images! 

It sounds like you'd prefer for the Storyline course to be the full width of your Rise course? I know I've seen a few other folks ask for similar, so I can share your examples with our team too. 

Let me know if you have any other thoughts to share on this, or if you'd like you can always send those insights to our team directly through a feature request!

Edward Hoke

Hi Ashley:

Thanks always for your continued support to many of us!

Indeed, that would be great to have them be the same.

Rise screen size is not adjustable per se, but if the Storyline course is the full width of the Rise Course, the usability is improved with the larger screen size - particularly when interactive is involved, easier to read, etc.