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Mar 13, 2018


I am a new Rise user. I tried to create my first module and here is some initial feedback:

1. The next button at the end of the page not visible, especially when there is a pop up cookie window that overlaps. The Continue coloured button is much more visible

2. There is no Back button

3. There is no filter/ search button functionality – that would be useful for editing purposes

4. Disclaimers: these shouldn’t be part of the lesson. Can we try and move them further down?

5. Further Learning: under ESG shouldn’t be part of the lesson either. And Further reading could be an alternative name.

6. Add funtionality to hoover over terminology (i.e. absolute return, derivatives, leverage) which will bring up a definition box without leaving the page.
7. Consider adding a clarification next to the questions when more than one answers is applicable

Would be great to hear which of the above funtionalities can be implemented.

Thank you


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Crystal Horn

Hi Evy!  Were you giving feedback about a particular Rise course you or somebody else created?  It sounded like some of your points (4, 5, 7) were about specific content.

I can help with some of the other issues!  If you need to navigate to a previous lesson, you can scroll to the top of your current lesson, and a "back" arrow should appear.  If the sidebar menu is enabled, you can also it to jump back to a previous lesson as well.

Also, we are working toward developing a search feature, so stay tuned!  😃

Thanks for your ideas.  If you'd like to share your experiences and ideas for improvements with our team, you can reach out here!

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