Rise - Module Exploration Post Completion

Jan 12, 2018

Hey everyone,

In storyline there are three options for navigation - free, locked and restricted. In Rise we don't have the locked option. In our scenario, we want a user to initially experience a locked progression through the module. Once they have completed the module, we'd like them to be able to freely review anything that they have previously completed.

Currently under the restricted option, we notice that if a user revisits the module (despite it being marked complete by the LMS), it remains in a restricted state. Is there a plan to bring the locked format to Rise or has anyone figured out a way around this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Is your LMS resuming the course to where the user left off? If so, that should allow you to navigate to parts of the course you've previously seen as the restricted navigation of Rise requires you to only view lessons in the order designated. Once you've viewed them you are able to navigate back to them. 

You may also want to look at the options here for controlling navigation through the use of the continue blocks.

James Lavis

Hey Ashley,

In storyline, this option was called "Locked" I believe. What we are noticing is that when a user completes the full module and want to go back in for review, all the sessions remain locked. Now status has been successfully transmitted to the LMS. 

Going off of history, free nav is just that. Restricted in storyline meant you couldn't move around even after completion and locked would allow you to review a section once you have passed through it. I think we're missing locked in rise.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Correct, Rise has only Free/Restricted - are you looking to see Locked as a new option? If so I can certainly pass idea that along! 

If you have a Rise course in your LMS currently, are the users able to Resume and revisit sections they already saw? That is the behavior I'd expect with Restricted navigation.

When a user completes an entire course, it'll also be up to the LMS if they're able to relaunch the course at all - so if that piece is locked and the course does not launch - I'd suggest reaching out to your LMS admin! 

James Lavis

Hey Ashely,

So here's the case we are hitting. We need users to go through the module in a linear fashion. Now once they are done the module, certified and all, we'd like them to be able to take a look at a learning burst in a module.

Even though they have completed the module and the LMS has a reported completion, they cannot freely review a section. So if they want to view burst 3, they have to do 1 and 2 first.  

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