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Matthew Francis

Hi so I reset the navigation to show buttons and I do get THAT button at the end of a quiz. However I do not want to use that style of navigation button and have set up the interactive buttons at the end of each lesson to navigate as you can set their style and label.

I just cannot add any other blocks at the end of quiz as it is not part of the blocks??

So is the message here, if you use anything other than Blocks for creating content, you can't use Interactive Blocks for navigation!

Can you simply put all of the same quiz functionalty into the Knowledge check part of blocks, or does this have implications for when the LMS want to capture results.

Tom Kuhlmann

Storyline is slide-based where objects are put in specific places on the slide. Rise is form-based where the user adds content to forms. Because of the form, Rise knows how to reflow the content which makes it responsive.

The Storyline is similar to video. When you add a video to Rise it will scale to fit in the screen. Storyline blocks work in a similar way. They respond to the screen by scaling up or down.

As far as quiz questions as blocks, we continue to add features. In fact, recently you may have noticed some of the pre-built lessons like sorting and labeled graphics making their way into the interactive blocks section. 

Tomorrow AM we're doing a webinar on using Storyline and blocks. You can also view a previous one here. That may help.