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I can't seem to find the form to submit a feature request. Now that you are able to turn off the prev and next buttons in a Rise course it would be really useful for the button to open/close the navigation menu would move as you scroll down the page instead of remaining static at the top. Currently if you have the prev/next buttons disabled and you have a long page you have to scroll back up to the top after completing the lesson in order to re-open the navigation. Similarly if you are mid-way down the page with the navigation open and you want to close it in order to get more space to view a video, storyline block or other interaction you have to scroll back up to the top to close the navigation, and then would need to scroll back up again to open it in order to move on. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Coniqua.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!  It sounds like having the menu icon accessible no matter where you are in a lesson would be helpful for your learners.  I'll pass it on to our product team!

If you want to share more ideas, feel free to submit them here!  You can find our feature request form on our Support page in the Contact section.  😃