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Lauren Kauffman
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tabatha,

I can send it to you - but it looks like the email address you use here is different than the one on your Articulate 360 account. I'll need to send it to one connected to your Articulate 360 account - so keep your eyes peeled for that course in Rise! 

Hi Ashley,

Could I please have a copy of this file too?



Allison LaMotte

Hi Valerie,

I tried sending you a copy of the course, but it looks like you don't have an Articulate 360 subscription. Since it's built in Rise, it's stored in the cloud so unfortunately you have to have either a trial or a subscription for me to send it to you. Here's a link to start a free trial.

Let me know if you end up starting a trial so I can send you a copy.