No LMS-Web Only VS. Sharable Link Publishing

Hey there everyone! I am asking around, and trying to get some help. We have an online 2 hour Rise CE course that I want users to access through my website, after they pay and register through our registration system. They will be directed to a portal system that contains the course. My question is, should they be able to access the course via the shareable link, or should I publish to No LMS-Web Only option? I would like to create 30 minute modules for the course, so it can be done in manageable amount of time instead of one 2 hour segment as learner progress can't be saved since we don't have an LMS. I want learners to be able to leave and return another day. 

My biggest issue is how does one verify that users are actually taking the course and not just scrolling through? If I did segments, I'm thinking of publishing 4 modules, 30 minutes each, and putting the password for the modules in each subsequent module. Ex: module 2 is accessed by a password given at the end of module 1, which would work with the shareable link option and password. Not sure how I could accomplish this with the Web Only option, unless I had our developer code the website so that module 2 is only available after module one has been accessed and so forth.

Would love some help!

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Stuart Marshall

The shareable link will take them to your course on the Articulate servers. If you publish to web only then you can add the exported course files to your own server / domain. I'd suggest hosting on your own server if you can. That means your course will have a url that is consistent with your business. Also it means that you can edit / update the course in Rise without it immediately affecting the version of your course on your server. Also if your content is paid for then the shareable link wouldn't be great as anyone with it could get free access. If you have the content on your own servers then you will have more control in terms of locking things down.

Why are you needing to verify that people are not just scrolling through? If they have paid and have access then what does it matter what they choose to do with the content? If you do want to have some sight of what people have done / have learned then an option might be to link to an evaluation/feedback form/survey at the end of each course.

Leia Leiser

Stuart, Thank you for the detailed feedback. I think you are correct, the server is the way to go.

The reason we want to ensure people aren't just scrolling through, is this course will be accredited for required CE units. We need the learners to have some sort of accountability that they are really reading the material and earning their certifications. We will be adding a final quiz to test their knowledge and made sure they participated in the activity, as well as an evaluation.