Rise not bookmarking in Chrome browser - Chrome 80 synchronous XHR issue?

Jul 23, 2020

Hi we have had a number of complaints now of Rise courses not bookmarking when launched via the Google Chrome browser. The Rise course is bookmarking okay when viewed in IE. This is just a recent development for us and it looks like it is related to the Chrome 80 update which disallows synchronous XHR during page dismissal, e.g., when a user leaves the page or closes it. We always use SCORM 1.2 specifications. Are Articulate looking at providing a solution to this issue? Will this mean the republishing of all existing courses?

Thanks Gerry

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Karl Muller

Hi Gerry,

The Chrome 80 synchronous XHR problem is not a Rise problem. 

It is a Chrome / LMS issue.

As you stated, Chrome has changed the synchronous XHR function, and this impacts how Chrome communicates with a LMS.

The problem needs to be fixed by your LMS vendor so that it correctly receives the student data sent from Chrome.

Our LMS vendor has made the required change, and we no longer have issues when using Chrome.

Here are the technical links that you should pass onto your LMS vendor: https://support.scorm.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035814314-Blocked-SCORM-Exit-Postbacks-with-Google-Chrome-80-and-Above  


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