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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Emily,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot here, what browser were you viewing the course within? I'd want to double check that it's one of the supported browsers detailed here, and then I'd suggest giving it a test in SCORM Cloud too. That's a good standard for how courses should display and behave. This article will walk you through how to get the course uploaded there and give it a test - and don't worry, SCORM Cloud is a free testing site. If all works well in SCORM Cloud, then you can go back to Moodle and look for any frame/player specific settings that could be interfering with Rise's set up to be fully responsive and adjust to the browser window. 

If in SCORM Cloud you're still seeing the odd margins, can you share a copy of your Rise export? You’ll want to upload the file here using the “ADD ATTACHMENT” button at the bottom of the forums reply window. If you’d prefer to not share in the public forums you’re always welcome to share with our Support Engineers here. They’re available 24/7 to assist!