RISE not playing in the LMS

Jan 04, 2017

Hi Community,

Is anyone else having issues getting the RISE SCORM modules to play in your LMS. I have created a two modules and exported them with the SCORM 1.2 option. The zip file downloads as per usual and I am able to upload this to the LMS but when you go to launch/play the module I am getting an error message that states the file could not be found...

Thanks in advance, Steven

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Steven Elvin

Thanks Wendy,

I am doing this now!

Regards Steven

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Greg Nelson

I'm also getting an error message (attached) when uploading a Scorm 1.2 folder from Rise. I notice that the file directory appears differently in a Rise scorm file as opposed to a Storyline scorm directory. Is there something I need to adjust/move to make this work or could it be something to do with our LMS?

Steven Elvin

Hi Greg,

I have been going and back and forth with this one. It has something to do with the file format that RISE puts out. It is looking for a '0' file which apparently in elearning speak means that the course must start from the beginning where our LMS and other SCORM 1.2 files allow booking marking. Our administrators are looking at changing this rule in our LMS. There's a more technical answer if you need it but essentially this is where we are at.

I have used the 'despatch' function in SCORMCLOUD so anyone accessing the content will link off platform but it still registers the completion.

Cheers Steven

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Steven for keeping us posted on what you're figuring out from your LMS side of things! The Rise courses exported for LMS do allow resuming, and it sounds like that worked for both of you in SCORM Cloud (what we use as an industry standard for testing the LMS output). 

Please continue to keep us posted here as it's really great information for our team to have and look at ways in which the output behaves in a variety of LMSs. If you're able to, please also let us know what LMS you're using. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andrzej,

It sounds like you published your Rise course for LMS, but the output isn't playing correctly once it's uploaded, is that correct?

What LMS are you using? Have you tried testing the output in SCORM Cloud to compare if the same problem happens there?

I'm happy to help you with that testing, if you'd like. Simply attach the LMS output file here!

Steven Elvin

This is the email from our LMS provider - hope it helps!



"On to the good news.

2) We found a way in which you can change the elearning files in order to make the elearning work! I've tested this and it works perfectly for me. I'll explain below how you can make the change yourself so you understand what's been done.

The issue we were having - whether you're using bookmarking or not, in the elearning there's a bit of code related to the bookmarking. In the case of this Rise piece, if we were due to start at the beginning (as all users do at some point) then the LMS sends across 0 to signify the start.

Rise, was expecting nothing (an empty field) instead of 0.

The solution - Within the zip file there's a folder called "scormdriver" and within that is an html file called indexAPI opening this file will give a whole bunch of code. On line 53 of this file (not necessarily line 53 in other files but you will be able to find this same code elsewhere for other elearning pieces) there is a line of code that says

if (bookmark != "" ) {

 We've changed this to say

 if (bookmark != "" && bookmark !=0) {

 As I understand it basically this simply adds the 0 scenario into the elearning file and magically it all works as we were expecting.

 Hope that all makes sense.

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