Rise not reporting to LMS on Apple devices

May 18, 2020


I have set up several Rise courses and a Storyline course on our LMS. Many people have completed the modules successfully and our LMS has marked as those modules as complete.

However some users are reporting errors where they have completed the course but the LMS is still saying it hasn't been started. The issue is only affecting those using Apple devices (iPads, iPhones, Macs). The reason I'm thinking it could be a Rise issue is because the only module that is reporting successfully is the Storyline module. I have tried myself on iOS, using Safari, Chrome, Google app, and Firefox but am having no success.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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Stephen Lee

Hi, I was searching the discussions about this same issue. For first time, deploying a course where some users taking on iPads. A user commented course worked on iPad with Chrome browser, but not Safari. Not sure if Safari is the issue, or course not completing based on the LMS being used. What was found to be the issue in this case? Looking for some best practices to ensure Rise courses function properly and report completions accurately to the LMS. Thanks.

Helen Cartmel

Hi Stephen, the issue was actually with our LMS rather than rise so may be a unique problem.  With us, if the user was using an Apple device and whatever browser (Safari, Chrome, or Firefox), the completion data from Rise seemed to be interrupted by the LMS. Whilst our provider is working on a fix, as a temporary measure, we found that having the SCORM opening in a new browser window worked. 

This issue only arose a few weeks ago, we have many Rise courses on our LMS and have never had problems before.

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