Rise Not Resetting the Course from the Beginning

When a user completes the course and goes back to review it, the course doesn't start from the beginning! It starts from the last block they were in as they completed the course. (If there were 3 blocks and completed the course from block 3, if I exit the course and go back to review the content in the first block, I can't. It takes me to the 3rd block. How can this be fixed?!

I can't believe it doesn't reset like other courses. Please address this as soon as possible! Thank you. [We're doing our training on cell phones and launching in 3 weeks (eventually we'll have 20,000+ users).]

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wendy!

It sounds like your Rise 360 course is hosted on a learning management system (LMS), is that right?

When a Rise 360 course is hosted in an LMS, learners can exit and resume with their progress intact. The course will automatically pick up at the beginning of the last lesson or quiz where they left off.

If they want to start over from the beginning, they can use the sidebar menu to go back to lesson 1. You can also click the title at the top of the sidebar menu to go back to the main menu page. Let me know if that doesn't work for you!

Karl Muller

Depending on the LMS you are using, you may have the option to turn on Review mode.

What happens when students have passed the course and later return to the course with Review mode turned on, they will always restart at the beginning of the course.

If they retake a test/quiz, these results will not be recorded. Their position in the course will also not be bookmarked.

If your LMS does not have a review option, students will always restart where they left off previously. 

wendy seidman

Alyssa, thanks.
We are using an LMS and no sidebar. And can't give instructions, makes it
too cumbersome.
We need rise to automatically start a course from the beginning when a
course is completed.

It's confusing to users to go back in to review and not see the beginning
of the course.