Rise not supporting Turkish in the Labels

Hi all, we have a project in Rise, and althougth we selected a font that supports Turkish for the content we have problems with the labels. They are not displaying well. What is even weirder is that the same characther (ş)that is not supported in the labels it is supported in the content. Any advise on this?

See example below.

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Selene Redigonda

Hi Alyssa, thank you for getting back to me. Yes, we have tryied with several fonts that we know support Turkish, we tested them by pasting a Turkish sentence in the Google fonts web page. Even Open Sans and Roboto fonts support it. We are using Helvetica World for the main content, and everything looks good except for the text on the labels. What we think, is that when we change the font in the Theme, that change is not affecting the labels. Unfortunately we were not able to find a different place to change the font for the labels in Rise.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks, Selene. I chatted with our Rise team this AM to confirm that custom fonts aren't applied to the label sets or headers of your lessons. The text in those areas is using a preset font based on some fixed size fields that Rise is using. 

I'll let the team know that you're hoping to have a custom font for labels that would allow for special characters in other languages. We'll keep you posted if this feature is added to Rise!