Rise Not Tracking As 100% Completed

Jan 17, 2017

I currently have two Rise courses loaded in my LMS (Scorm 1.2 / Track using full course completion) and many of my users are getting all the way through the course but it is not tracking as 100% complete. I have confirmed they are using up-to-date version of Google Chrome to access and many are on a Samsung Tablet. Have I done something wrong with my course creation or export settings? 

LMS is CSOD, and this is not happening to all users, some that are on Chrome on a laptop or desktop do not have this issue, but some do. It's not consistent. Could it be a Windows version issue? Help!

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Justin Grenier

Hey, Amy!

Our first tip would be to make sure you are choosing the Track using quiz result option when exporting your course:

Track using quiz result

...but since some of your learners are successfully registering a score, I bet that isn't the problem.

Next, I see that you mentioned Chrome, but it can't hurt to double-check that your affected learners are running a modern browser--we recently heard of a learner using Chrome 42!

If both of the above are in order, I would recommend uploading your content to SCORM Cloud and asking one of the affected learners to try to reproduce the problem there.

If the problem persists in SCORM Cloud, please come back here and let us know so that we can help!  If the problem only happens in Cornerstone, their support team will want to know about it, and they may have some debugging tools that can help to isolate the root cause of the problem.

Please let us know what you find!

Poppulo Learning

I am experiencing a similar issue to this... I have Scorm file on my LMS Docebo. There is no quiz in the short 6 lesson course. 

I have had 4 instances across 2 courses where, what I expect is, a browser timeout seems to be causing all progress on a course to be lost for the learner. When they return to the course, they need to start again, the progress is not tracked in the course or on the LMS.  

Poppulo Learning

Hi Alyssa,

The issue was experienced on Chrome, Firefox and IE (All Latest Versions). 

I tried to recreate the issue but was unable to. I left a session open for 38 minutes in Chrome and closed the window, the progress was saved as expected. 

The issue is particularly frustrating as the course is 7 lessons long and there is a lot of conditional continue dividers meaning users need to click through linearly to complete the course. Is this a known issue? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there John,

This isn't a known issue, and I know it can be frustrating when you aren't able to recreate the problem your learners are seeing. Let us know if changing the course time-out session in Docebo makes a difference.

If you'd like to get some more eyes on this in the meantime, our Support Engineers are just a click away. 

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