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Darren McNeill

I noticed that the index.html file is in a folder called scormcontent, which means some LMS systems may not detect it at a different directory level?

I have not tried it, but if you took the contents of the scormcontent folder and moved it out to the top level, I wonder if it would work the same?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amr and Werner,

Thanks for reaching out here and sorry for the issues you've encountered! I don't know a lot about WPLMS, but I'd also want to see if you've been able to test it in another LMS as we've heard lots of users successfully using Rise courses at SCORM Cloud (which is the industry standard we look to as well) and a few other LMSs such as Saba. Can you give it a test at SCORM Cloud to ensure that everything is being packaged correctly? If it works well there I'd suggest connecting with your LMS admin team as they'll be able to advise on next steps to get the course to work correctly.