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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amber, 

Sorry to hear things aren't working on your mobile device as you'd expect, but I can help!

Are you viewing the HTML5 output in a browser (such as Safari or Chrome) or is SuccessFactors launching the content in their mobile app? The SuccessFactors mobile app is something I'd have to defer to their Support team for, as it's not something we can support. 

If the HTML5 output is not working - can you share what device and OS you're using? Please also share a link to the Rise course here with us so we can test it! If you need to share that privately, our Support Engineers are happy to take a look! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ann-Marie,

I haven't heard of an issue with resuming in SuccessFactors/Rise - did you also test in SCORM Cloud? If you'd like I'm happy to help with that, or you can follow the steps here.

For the other error regarding AICC, I don't have an ETA for this fix. I'll share here as soon as I've got an update! 

Amber Walters

Hi Ann Marie,

Yeah, we are having the same problem. We had to stop using RISE as an authoring tool because when we used the AICC we could not launch the training in SF on Internet Explorer (it worked in all other options). When we use RISE as a SCORM it works on multiple desktop sites but not on mobile. Guess our company will just have to wait until this gets fixed to use RISE as one of our solutions.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amber,

First, looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email! No worries, this Peek video will show you how to remove it. 

For Rise/IE11/AICC it's a bug that we have with our team, so I will definitely keep you posted.

For the Rise set up with SuccessFactors on mobile, what didn't work? We have a report on the vertical scrolling not working as expected in their mobile app. Our team is reaching out to SuccessFactors to get access to that app for more testing. 

Ann-Marie Pickles

Hi Ashley

Rise when published as SCORM 1.2 doesn't work on SF app on mobile. The app loads the course and then doesn't let you scroll down the page, it locks it at the first screen. So it is great that your team is trying to get SF to help. It will be great to hear how that goes as we have over 11,000 mobile phones in our organisation and we are wanting to use Rise in our development.

Thanks :)

Michael Bauer

Hi Ann-Marie and Ashley

I have a Rise course on the SF app that tracks progress and completion, and these settings, after much trial and error, work for me

Rise settings, Export screen

1. In the LMS dropdown, select SCORM 1.2
2. In the Tracking section, select how you want to track course completion – via percentage or quiz result
3. In the Reporting dropdown, select Passed/Incomplete
4. In the Exit Course Link option, drag button to On of Off
5. At the top of the screen, click Export

SF settings, Item, once content has been imported

1. In the Related section, click Online Content
2. Click the course name
3. In the Edit Content Object pop-up, untick Mark the object complete when launched
4. Tick Record learning event when content passed
5. Untick Record learning event when content failed
6. Click OK
7. Next to Available for launch, click the Settings drop-down arrow
8. Click Modify Settings
9. In the Exit Settings and Status pop-up, tick Content is available for launch
10. Tick Record learning event when all content is complete
11. In the Completion Status drop-down, select PASS COMPLETE (has successfully completed)
12. In the Failure Status drop-down, leave selection empty
13. In the Failure Action drop-down, leave selection empty
14. Tick Skip content structure page on launch
15. Untick Available for Offline Player download
16. Click OK
17. Click Save

I also my content ticked to be available for mobile, it may work without that however I have it turned on.

Hope this helps!!!

Cheryl Powers

is this still a known unresolved issue?  we have some designers itching to come up to speed with Rise and we have SuccessFactors LMS.  we use single sign on from our sharepoint site which works in IE and not Chrome.  And we have many mobile users including instructors that do not come into a facility or have a desktop/laptop, so we need to make sure we use our articulate 360 until we know we can use IE and still support  the mobile app.

Ann-Marie Pickles

Hi Ashley

The steps from Michael didn't resolve the problem with Rise. What we have tested is that the SCORM package works on IE11 and shows completion in Success Factors but the SCORM package doesn't work on the SF mobile app. We have got the AICC version working on the SF mobile app but the AICC format still doesn't work on IE11 - is there a fix for the AICC version on desktops yet?

The only solution at this stage would be to push out both SCORM and AICC versions to users (very messy) and substitute completion of one package for the other depending on what device they complete it on. Any other suggestions greatly received :)




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cheryl, Peter and Ann-Marie, 

I'm sorry you're all still running into this issue - it's something our team is still taking a look at, but since SuccessFactors is using a custom mobile app that's causing some roadblocks to our testing and determining a fix.

We also know that IE11 + AICC + SuccessFactors + Rise is also causing headaches if you were to ask users to not use the mobile app, but use the desktop browsers instead. 

We'll let you know here once we have more information on either of these issues!