Rise overwriting edits

Hi there all,

anyone experiencing edits to content that just disappears/reverts back to previous content after a short while?

As I'm aware that Rise updates every 5 seconds, I can only assume this is a network issue as I am based in South Africa so it may well be an international connection issue between us and the US Rise servers?



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Clive Hands

Mine did this for a day and a half - I managed to achieve three words changed; I can only assume it is a network issue between South Africa, where I operate from, and the US...it came right mid-morning yesterday and I haven't had an issue again...

it can't be Rise otherwise it would be a repeated and consistent issue - my whole team had the same issue from different platforms and on differing networks...at least it was only a paragraph and not an entire module...

The time delay on this revision was up to about a minute and a half on occasion, sometimes instantaneously...so no huge trainsmash, just frustrating...

other than that, Rise is brilliant and keeps getting better...

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Clive and David,

We did have a documented issue with Rise connectivity last week, on July 27th. Could this be what you ran into?

Jul 27, 2018
Articulate 360: Rise connectivity issues
Resolved - Hi there, Rise users. We’ve confirmed that Rise is up and running normally now. Earlier today, the Rise app intermittently had problems connecting to its database, which means some folks saw error pages. Also, if you were working in the Rise app between 10:45 am ET and 11:15 am ET, Rise may not have saved your updates.
We’re working hard to identify the cause of this problem, and we’re so sorry for the trouble. We’re doing everything we can to make sure we prevent problems like this from happening again. We’ll share a detailed update in the next few days as our team identifies next steps. 

You can always check our status here.

Clive Hands

Almost certainly - the time seems about right, but my issue carried on for virtually an entire day from Friday evening through to early Sunday (we're about 6 hours ahead time wise), so maybe it upset some settings somewhere in cyberspace that took a while to come right; all working 100% since though....