RISE Owner vs. Manager publish options


We have a question about publish options being the owner vs. manager of the course.

Currently we have a team that is working on multiple courses. Currently, when we are trying to republish a course that has already been published, the owner is the only one that can republish without changing the original link.

Is there a way for the managers of the course to publish a new version of a course that has already been published and not change the original link?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Eric.

If you're a course manager, you'll only have the option to Create a new item when publishing to Review 360, since the existing item isn't in your own Review 360 dashboard. You won't see this new item published in your Review 360 account, but the original course owner will see it in theirs. 

I can understand how that functionality is challenging for your team, and your feedback is really helpful. We'll let you know if we make changes to collaborating in Review 360 in the future!

Eric C

Thanks for the info.

It would be very helpful to have the owner make that as an option when assigning a Manager and giving that manager all publishing rights as well.

We had a huge issue when we republished a course and had to redistribute the link again to a ton of people reviewing.


Thanks, Eric

Jizell Assaf

Hi, our team has run into the same issue. We have to transfer ownership of our modules to the project coordinator because every time she republishes the review link as the course manager, it publishes to a new/different link instead of the original one which causes a lot of confusion. I agree with Eric, it would REALLY help if everyone who has editing rights would be given the same publishing rights as well. Thank you!