Rise page jumps to Storyline embedded activity

I did a Storyline suggested update a few hours ago and a problem appeared. I use Storyline to create short activities that I embed in Rise courses. Since the update, when I publish the Storyline activities and embed them, the Rise page automatically jumps to the embed block, even if it is down below the page. It is not what the learner should see first in the page. Here's a link for a example : https://organiser-paragraphe.netlify.com/#/ 

Click on "Commencer le module" and the first page ("Entrée en matière") automaticaly jumps to the emedded activity. Anyone having the same problem? I used the same Rise course with another embedded activity that I published before the update : everything was fine. I republished the same activity a few minutes ago and the jump occured. What shoul I do?

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Matthew Bibby

What browser are you using Gilles?

I used to have this issue on my website. I'd have a Storyline project in an iframe (same theory as embed block) and when using Internet Explorer, the page would jump straight to the Storyline project when loaded.

I edited the story.js file in the published output and deleted the following:

function SetPlayerFocus()
var oPlayer = GetPlayer();
oPlayer.tabIndex = 1;
catch (e)

I can't recall if this was with SL2 or SL360, but it worked a treat!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gilles. We identified an issue with Storyline 360 where Rise 360 lessons jumped immediately to Storyline blocks after our last major Storyline 360 update. We've released a fix today for Storyline!

You'll be prompted with a Storyline 360 update. Republish your course to Review 360, and reinsert your Storyline block in Rise 360.

Let me know if that doesn't help!