Rise Problem accessing manifest file

Nov 16, 2016


I've tried uploading a course created in Rise to our LMS and I got this error: see attachment.

It was packaged as a scorm 1.2, track using quiz results (passed/failed).

(I also got the same error when I tried uploading the sample course)

Thanks in advance.

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Angela O'Brien

Hi Michael, I've tried exporting and uploading my course again and it went through this time but I got this alert. See attached. I'm not sure whether this will impact the performance of the course in the LMS.

I tested an enrolment and the course works well expect for the data tracking. At the moment, the course completes when I open and close the module window without completing the quiz. (I did chose 'Track using quiz results).

Thanks again for your help.

Angela O'Brien

Thanks Michael.

I enrolled another user and the data was tracked correctly (they passed the quiz).
This is what happened next:
• When they reviewed the completed module again, the course defaulted to the quiz (how can this be changed to the content page instead?)
• They were able to re-take the quiz again and over-write the original result (how can we disable the 'Take again' button once the course is completed?).

Can we choose to disable the quiz after 1 or 2 attempts?

Can we choose another pass rate other than 80%?

Appreciate your help and thanks once again.

Angela O'Brien

Hi Michael, we've worked out how to disable the 'Take again' button, set the quiz to 1 attempt and change the pass rate :)

Today we republished and uploaded the course (track using quiz results). Both myself and another user tested the enrolments and the course started from the Quiz instead of lesson 1. 
When we closed the course without completing the quiz, it gave us a 100% pass.
Also, when we tried to complete the quiz, It didn't give us the opportunity to complete it. We watched it calculate the score to 100% pass.

Let me know if I can provide more info to help solve this.

Kindest regards

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

Thanks for sharing that additional information. It's particularly helpful - and I'd also like to get a look at the course in question so that we can get that into the hands of our Support Engineers and share the results we're seeing with our Developers and QA team. 

Are you able to conduct the export for LMS and then upload that to our Support Engineers using the form here? If you're able to do that, just let me know the case number and I'll follow along as well. 

Thanks again and please feel free to let me know if there is anything else I can assist with! 

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