Rise problem when using Track using quiz result

Apr 11, 2018

Hi I am using Litmos as the LMS and have uploaded a Rise course using "Track using quiz result" set to 70% and attempts x 2 with the "require passing score to continue" selected.

My issue is if the learner exceeds the amount of attempts the course does not display the "re-take quiz" instruction but is blank.

As the quiz needs to be passed to continue they cannot move on and are in a never ending loop .

All I can do as admin is reset their status to Passed/complete and ask them to retake it, but why would they they, the course is now showing as passed!

To make this work I have to set the amount of attempts to unlimited then at least it would be possible for them to pass, but not sure if they actually learnt anything as they just keep clicking different combinations!

Any ideas?



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