RIse Process block - Image files not uploading as-is


I'm uploading a series of three images (that build a concept through successive steps and images) in the Process block. However, the first image in the series always gets uploaded as a black-and-white image. The subsequent two images upload without any problem (that is, with color as intended). I've tried png and jpeg versions of the images, and I've deleted the block and started afresh multiple times. However, the first image continues to get uploaded as a black-and-white one. 

Any ideas on what I could do?

Thanks for your time.

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Prakhar Jain

Hi Crystal, thanks for getting back. I've tried that image and the subsequent two images (that build on the same concept) in a different image block too. The problem persists. I've also tried different displays (Mac and non-mac) but the issue persists. It's quite possibly something that I'm not picking up.

Thanks for your offer to troubleshoot. I'll share the files and course.