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Anyone else experience this? The font I have set up is showing as 17 pt in my Rise course. When I publish to PDF, it seems to go down to about 5 or 6 pt!

Luckily this is only one of two courses I have in Rise (the source file issue is preventing me from using it any further).

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same or similar issue, and since there's no option to adjust publishing/export (PDF) settings in Rise, looks like I'm stuck with it. It's interesting because it didn't always do that - the first few times I exported a PDF, the font size looked fine.




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Karl Muller

I'm dealing with the same issue. Pulling up an older PDF, the font size is 7.95 pts (17 in Rise).

In the PDF's I published recently the font is now down to 6.5 pts.

Not sure when this change happened or why but we are getting complaints as we provide a PDF for all of our courses.

While I have Adobe Acrobat DC I don't have the time to go and edit all our PDFs.

Glen Murdock

Weird that 6.5 seems to be the default font now. There's no option to adjust it anywhere, and the resultant PDF for me is 400+ pages... I'm not gonna be doing that manually! 

I've opened a support case, I'll post here if they're able to resolve it for me. I have high hopes - Articulate seem like they have a really good support team!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Glen,

Sorry you didn’t receive the email from Renson on 9/4/19. His email contained instructions for sending over your Rise course for testing. I see you were using a general email address in your case, so I’ll resend the email to your personal email address.

Thanks for also sending over the exported PDF files. Those will be helpful as Renson continues to troubleshoot your course. 

Karl Muller

Hi Alyssa,

What we are seeing across the board for all of our courses, is that the text sizes in recently published PDF files have changed for all paragraph types. By changed I mean that the font sizes are all smaller, and in some cases too small to be read.

I compared PDFs for the same course from a few months ago to ones published this week:

What was:

  • 21 Points is now 15.19
  • 12 Points is now 8.68 Points 
  • 9.75 points is now 6.5 This would be regular Paragraphs in RIse, so most of the text.

These are just a few examples. As a result of the smaller fonts, the page count for one course has dropped from 82 to 62 pages.

The way PDFs are being published now makes them useless to us.

Happy to provide an old and new PDF for your comparison purposes.