Rise Publish to PDF - Tiny Font

Sep 04, 2019


Anyone else experience this? The font I have set up is showing as 17 pt in my Rise course. When I publish to PDF, it seems to go down to about 5 or 6 pt!

Luckily this is only one of two courses I have in Rise (the source file issue is preventing me from using it any further).

Just wondering if anyone else is having the same or similar issue, and since there's no option to adjust publishing/export (PDF) settings in Rise, looks like I'm stuck with it. It's interesting because it didn't always do that - the first few times I exported a PDF, the font size looked fine.




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Kristin Nelson

Hi Alyssa - I'm also having this issue. When I do a PDF export of an Articulate Rise course, the font style changes and the font size becomes quite small in most sections. I've attached an example. As others mentioned, it's very important for us to find a resolution for this as we provide PDF exports regularly and want to avoid the manual work. Any updates are appreciated!

Kristin Nelson

Thanks for your reply, Karl. I've recently started doing more PDF exports because we're using Rise for one of our main training programs... and we produce a few lessons every month. As I compare my files, it doesn't seem to matter if there are numbered lists... some lessons have smaller font than others. Very strange.

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