Rise Publishing Options: Not Understanding Web Publishing

Jun 26, 2019

Hi everyone,

I have been using Rise to create some cool digital trainings that combines text, interaction, and mp4s. 

We will probably begin to license our content to 3rd party vendors who will not be able to utilize the SCORM format and so I'm wondering if anyone could explain how the Web publishing option works.

In Storyline, I would honestly just publish my course as a mp4 and I could share that video anywhere easily. With Rise, although I love its tools, the publishing options seem more limited.

Thanks in advance! 


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Karl Muller

When  you publish a Rise course using the Web setting you will get a ZIP file.

You can distribute the course using that ZIP file, or you can host the course on a web server.

If you are hosting the course on a server, the users would launch the course using index.html 

Because you are not running the course within a LMS there will be no user tracking.

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