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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Catherine! Is your Rise course hosted in a learning management system? 

If so, then yes! The learner will pick up where they left off when they relaunch the course.

You can test this out by exporting the course for LMS and uploading the output to SCORM Cloud, which is a free and handy tool for LMS testing. 

Here's a sample Rise course I uploaded to SCORM Cloud for you to test. Complete a couple of lessons, then close the course window. When you relaunch the course, you'll see that the LMS bookmarked your progress. 

Let me know if you have other questions!

Livis E-learning

Hi Alyssa,

The progress percentage is beautifully shown in the Rise course. However, we would like to show that percentage in our LMS, outside of the course. We found that the number shown in the course is generated as soon as the course is launched, but not saved in a variable.

Is it possible (for you guys or perhaps for us in some way) to save this number in a variable, so we can use it externally? Perhaps it can be stored within the suspend_data? 

Looking forward to your answer!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Amy!

That's a great question. Currently Track using course completion in Rise will report either Complete or Incomplete status to the LMS, but not partially complete. This is similar to the Storyline setting, “Track number of slides viewed." For example, if you set the completion percentage to 40% in Rise, users that view 40% or more will be marked as Complete, and users who view less than 40% will be marked as Incomplete.

It sounds like you're interested in capturing data that shows the actual percent of the course the learner completed. Can you tell us more about when you would want Rise to send that data and how you would use it in a feature request? Thanks for checking it all out!