Rise question: Forcing learners to review content before course is marked as complete


Is there a way to force a learner to revisit content in a course if the assessment is failed? Here's a scenario:

Learner views a course with three modules and an assessment.

Assessment is not accessible until all modules have been completed.

When assessment is accessed, learner takes assessment and fails.

Learner must go back and review ALL modules again before the assessment is accessible to them.

Only when the assessment is passed, will the course be marked as completed.

The issue I see is that once the modules and assessment have been viewed and the assessment has been completed, they are marked as completed, even though the assessment is failed.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Carol!

Rise has a new "Require Passing Score to Continue" quiz setting. 

This setting allows you to control course navigation by requiring learners to pass the quiz before moving on to the next lesson. Just move this switch to the On position.

When this setting is enabled, learners must achieve the passing score you definedto advance to the next lesson in the course. If learners fail the quiz, they must click the retry button on the results screen and pass the quiz on a subsequent attempt in order to move on.

However, it sounds like you want to automatically take learners back to the beginning of the course to review the content again if they fail the quiz . There isn't a feature like this in Rise at the moment, but I appreciate you letting us know what you'd like to see! 

If you'd like to share more feedback on how that feature should work, please click here to submit a Feature Request.