Rise Quiz Blocks and PDFs

I created a course and the last thing I need the learner to do is answer a single multiple choice question with one option.  A declaration if you will.  Click the one choice, click submit, you declare you will abide by Policy X.  

However, I also need the learner to be able to view a pdf.  When I created this option as a "lesson block" and then try to export it does not allow me to Score based on this final lesson block because it is not a "quiz block."

If I make it a quiz block with a single question, I can't find a way to insert a pdf into the block or the question.

Any suggestions?

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Tracy. I threw together this quick Peek video that shows one way you might be able to get you what you're looking for in Rise.

The short version: I ended up combining an embed block (using the URL of a web published PDF) and a checklist block with only one checklist item. Take a look and let me know if I'm on the right track!

Logan Stahler

Hi Trina-

We need to do something similar here. A user needs to read a statement and "attest" to accepting it. I was thinking the checkbox route combined with a locked continue button to move forward, but the issue is that a user can check, then uncheck it and still move on! This sort of defeats the purpose and from a legal standpoint, could cause issues. Is there any way to make it so once checked, the check box stays checked, or, alternatively, if someone checks and then unchecks, they can't move on? See the dilemma here? Thoughts, anyone?