Rise quiz feedback not showing


I have an issue whith Rise Quiz related to the questions feedback. I've setup Correct/Incorrect feedback in the quiz, but the feedback doesn't appears unless the quiz option "Reveal answers" is marked "on". However, I don' want to show the learners the correct option after the submission (unless the learner have marked the correct one...)

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance


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Sebastin Francis

+1000, UPVOTE. Chiming in to let y'all know that this is a critical requirement for any quiz tool. This has been requested over 2 years ago and there's still no update on this? Come on Articulate, this SHOULD have been a standard feature for any quiz tool (with so many great Instructional Designers on your team, this was an obvious one!). I just submitted this as a feature request again in hopes that you would take this seriously! Pretty please?

Daniel  Frances

Just to add another straw to the pile. I thought it was a bug when my feedback did not show. Did not realize that I have to give them the correct answer for this to work, which defeats the learning process. Since students are complaining I guess I have no choice but to reveal the answers; otherwise students are stuck not knowing which answers are correct/incorrect, and they require 100% to proceed. 

Hoping this can get fixed soon. Thanks. 

Be. Better

Just completed my first RISE course and had this exact feedback from the review team - "When you got an answer wrong it came up with correct answer so you could select that next time – not sure if that was intentional?"  I would also like to remove this option without removing the feedback.  Thanks

Tom Heywood

Throwing my hat into the ring on this one too - being told whether you got a quiz question correct/incorrect without revealing the answer has been a basic feature of Quizmaker and Storyline since way back when, and I'm puzzled as to why Rise doesn't have such a simple element of quiz feedback.

We're just starting to use Rise internally and the feedback we're getting from product owners and subject matter experts is that they really need users to see which questions they got wrong - without immediately being told the right answer.

Andrew Smith

Same- it looks like you can do it- but then in fact it doesn't display unless you give the answer.

This is a really basic learning function and "use a Storyline block' shouldn't be the only solution! Can we at least have a timeline on it so we can tell our frustrated clients that it's going to be fixed?

Rachel Gatewood

Hello! Just checking in! It looks like based on what is being planned next - that adjusting the quiz feedback options is not on the plan yet if I am reading that correctly? This doesn't help anyone who wants to give hints but my workaround for now is that I will provide the feedback after they pass as a PDF if they want to review. Another thing that would help is making SL files report differently. In our courses where we need detailed on the responses - we need to use Rise quiz. But if we only need to know if they completed or not - we can use a SL embed final quiz. Maybe it is faster / easier to make SL embeds more compatible with reporting?  Thanks for all you do!

Crystal Horn

Hi Rachel. Thanks for checking in, and for the appreciation! You're right that changes to question feedback isn't on the public roadmap at this time. 

I also appreciate you sharing how you're handling your quizzes currently. Storyline blocks can be tracked, as you point out, and you'll see completion and a quiz score come through to your LMS. They won't be able to send question level details.

I realize that this setup forces you to make a compromise. I'll let you know if we release a change that will help you out!