Rise Quiz- LMS not registering the 3 attempts set in the quiz settings

Hello, some quick advice on the Rise quiz would be much appreciated. I have designed a course, set the quiz to a pass rate of 70% with 3 attempts to pass. I have however noticed that once exported and loaded up to Moodle you can just keep taking the quiz as many times as you wish until you pass- it does not cap it at 3 attempts as inputted in the quiz settings. Am I missing a trick here?

Regards Georgina

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Georgina!

When you double-check your quiz settings, do you see 3 attempts as shown in the screenshot below?

Also, do you notice the quiz only allows 3 attempts when you view the Share link in a web browser? 

If so, please send us a copy of your SCORM package, and we can test it from our side! You can open a case here.