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Hi I really like Rise and see a lot of potential.  But I find the Quiz really limited.  I am sure we are all just so spoiled by Storyline 2 .... but I am hoping to see this product really take off.    Any plans to make it more robust?

I like the "blocks" but would like to be able to add the "pre built" lessons into an existing block ....sort of like ...block/pre built/block.  

 I am sure a lot of this is my inexperience with this new tool.   I am building an elearning with Rise as my pitch to get the upgrade to 360.   

Very happy with Articulate 360..... I used Replay 36o and loved the editing feature.

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Justin Grenier

Hey, Larry.

We just launched Knowledge Checks and you can learn about them here.  They're perfect to let learners review what they've learned.

As far as capturing free-form responses and contacts forms, those are not currently features of Rise but we will definitely consider them.

Now if capturing free-form data and integrating contact forms is critical today, I would take a look at Storyline.  Here's a great video on how to choose the right tool for every job.

Thanks so much for your feedback, and good luck with your project!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jim,

With the Knowledge Checks they are designed as ungraded, lean forward moments to help a user check their understanding of a topic or content. This set up empowers the user to take  an informal, ungraded moment before moving forward. If they don't answer the Knowledge check they can scroll past it to advance to the next lesson or next section within Blocks. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Plan,

You're not alone! As Adam mentioned, we're looking to add more question types to the quiz, so stay tuned! We're planning on releasing those in Q2 of this year, and you'll be notified of every new release since you're subscribed to Articulate 360. We'll also keep you posted in the Community and on the What's New page with all the exciting things to come! 

Steve Bunce

I have a LMS lesson that has 4 different case studies to test the knowledge. Presently I don't see a way to configure this in Rise. I would need for all case studies to be tabulated into one pass/fail. Each case study is individually setup which at present I can't do with quiz option. I can set up a knowledge check but that responds to each question. Any ideas?


Ashley Terwilliger

Really interesting set up, Steve! 

Is it something you've already built in Storyline and are looking to transition into Rise? 

It's easy to do in Storyline as you can combine multiple results slides into one master results slide, but Rise has the results for the quiz immediately after the user has finished all the questions.  

I could see how a shift to more than one quiz and more than one set of results would solve this for you, and I'd be happy to pass that idea along! You can always share Feature requests here too.

Raquelle Caras

Are there any plans to add the option of question banks like in SL to Rise?  We would like to have a larger set of questions, then select how many randomly get displayed to the user.

Also, if we want to use True or False questions and we set the quiz properties to shuffle the answers, the True/False questions are included.  Any way this could be a different type of question type altogether that can still be added to the same quiz OR can the ability to set properties by question be added?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ronny,

If the content and the quiz are in the same Rise course, you can choose either Restricted or Free navigation, but not a combination of both. 

If you're using a learning management system, you could split the course into two courses: one for the content with Free navigation, and one for a standalone quiz. Then you can configure your LMS settings to prevent learners from opening the quiz until they have viewed 100% of the content. 

Erin Bradley

Hi Ashley, 

Thanks for the Peek on how to add feedback. How do we add feedback that changes based on the learner's response?  I saw it used in this Rise example but can't figure out how to do it myself.  Any help is appreciated, thanks!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin!

Are you referring to the feedback in the gray box below the questions in the Check Your Understanding quiz?

That feedback is the same for both correct and incorrect answer choices, so you'll want to include feedback that make sense for any choice the learner could pick.

Simply add feedback text below the answer choices in the quiz, and you're all set!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi James,

Some development timelines have shifted in Rise, and the new quiz question types were one of the features impacted. It sounds like you're interested in new knowledge check question types, so thanks for letting us know what you'd like to see!

We're still hard at work on a ton of new things in Rise, and adding new question types in a Rise Quiz is still on our roadmap. I don't have a new ETA to share, but we'll keep folks posted in this discussion once we have a more accurate time frame!