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Hi I really like Rise and see a lot of potential.  But I find the Quiz really limited.  I am sure we are all just so spoiled by Storyline 2 .... but I am hoping to see this product really take off.    Any plans to make it more robust?

I like the "blocks" but would like to be able to add the "pre built" lessons into an existing block ....sort of like ...block/pre built/block.  

 I am sure a lot of this is my inexperience with this new tool.   I am building an elearning with Rise as my pitch to get the upgrade to 360.   

Very happy with Articulate 360..... I used Replay 36o and loved the editing feature.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Suraj!

That's a great question.

There isn't a way to currently circle back to the Questions and showcase the answers after the user has reached the results slide (similar to a "Review" functionality that you may have seen in Quizmaker or Storyline).

You can certainly stop the user from seeing the correct answer right after they answer the question. This is a setting within the Quiz Settings shown below:

You could list the answers after the quiz using a Block for example - maybe a numbered list would work where you could display the answer there for the users? Just make sure you don't use the quiz option to Randomize Question order, and then they'll display in the order you currently see them in your Rise course which you could match with the Numbered list.

If this is something you would like to see implemented, I encourage you to share your thoughts here along with your use-case :)

CEU- Support

Hey Guys!  What happens if the Add Question doesn't show up in the lower left corner, as stated in the video, in the Knowledge Check block?  I'm creating a course and one of the questions has more than one answer, and I can only choose one.  I've refreshed and reloaded and everything, and this feature is absent.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi CEU Support! You'll see Add Question in the left pane while creating a Rise Quiz, but it sounds like you're working with a Knowledge Check block. 

Knowledge Check blocks have multiple choice questions--are you looking for a multiple response question? Check out these creative variations you can create using a basic multiple choice question type!

Logan Stahler


Is there any way to prevent a learner from moving past a quiz until they have passed the quiz?  We have some subsequent content after a quiz, but I notice that learners can move past the results page even if they have failed.  The course completion is dependent on a passing score, so it seems like there should be a way to make them pass before they can move to the end!

Chino Navarro

Great news! Announcing the beta of question banks in Rise 360!

Create randomized quizzes by drawing from a bank of prepared questions. You have the flexibility to use question banks for knowledge check blocks or quizzes—giving you options for how and when you want to check or test a learner’s knowledge. And if you’re an Articulate 360 Teams subscriber, you can easily share question bank folders with other team members to ensure consistency across your organization’s courses.

Find out more about creating, managing, and using question banks in our Rise 360 User Guide.