Rise quizz can be answered correctly but the learner still fails

Oct 09, 2017


We have had several instances where the correct quiz answers were chosen but the result came back as a fail. 

The first time this happened I went back to the development tool and checked the quiz answers to make sure that they were correct and they were (so not a developer issue) - I re-published the course and haven't heard of any new issues with that particular course.

On Friday I had two new reports of fails that should have been passes but in another course.  The end users, one of our IT Admins and a IT support team member, could get no more than 80% - they tried a range of answers and finally identified a single question (out of the 5) that didn't effect the result when changed.  I've completed the course today and it performed as designed, and others in the same team had no issues doing the course around the same time.  It appears that the question either isn't being counted or it somehow loses it's correct answer. 

I did check that they were choosing the correct answers and they were, so this isn't the issue.

I'm currently using complete/incomplete as our SCORM result and want to tighten this up to a Pass/Incomplete which would be more rigorous.

This is a massive issue that we need to address asap.

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Marc Koenecke

Update:  We are experiencing more courses where the resultpage indicates they have failed although they have chosen the correct answers.

We haven't used the question feedback option in any of these courses because we had an issue with the "Next" button when viewed in a Citrix environment, but I've been playing and have added this to check whether  the answers are interpreted correctly.  So far so good, but I need to tes in Citrix to check whether updates that have occurred over the last few months have fixed this issue before applying to all courses.

I've also added a "What to do if I didn't pass" lesson/slide to the course with a back to quiz button and a continue button.  This worked for a failed attempt at the quiz but the graphic didn't update after I clicked back to the quiz result (using the back to quiz button) and then retook the course, it still showed the initial score and fail X graphic, although the text in the dial now read Pass - going to the next lesson and then coming back to the results caused it to fully update.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lionel,

I'd like to have our Support team take a look at your Rise course, so I'll start a case for you. Keep your eyes out for an email from Support@articulate.com!

In the meantime, can you check what browsers you're users are viewing the course in? Also have you tried testing the course outside your LMS, in SCORM Cloud for example? 

Marc Koenecke

Hi Ashley,

I haven't tested outside of the LMS, other than previewing the course in RISE itself.  I have heard from the support team, and will do some testing over the next day or two.

FYI: One of the things we have done in an attempt to fix the issue has been to turn on the question feedback in the quiz. So far this seems to be working with no one having reported an issue.

What is interesting though is the fact that for two course I updated -  turning on question feedback and adding a slide /lesson to send them back to the quiz if they failed and moved on and changing the SCORM 2004 V4 settings to Pass/incomplete - lost a question answer when they were republished.  One question simply had no answer and this had previously been set and worked in the LMS.  Adding an answer and republishing sorted this out but it did result in a bit of stress.

Might be an idea to remind developers to check that their quiz questions all have answers before republishing.  I'll certainly will be doing so.

Will test the archived version of the courses that caused issues in SCORM Cloud and see whether the issue shows up there, but it may be that the changes I have made have resolved the issue.

BTW:  We are running Windows 7, with IE and had previously had issues with the Next button not working (when question feedback was turned on), but there have been a number of updates applied since which appears to have resolved the issues - which is why I've now turned this on.

Kind regards


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