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Matthew Bibby

Try this:

  • Publish your course for Web
  • Unzip the .zip Rise produces
  • Go to the lib folder
  • Open the file main.buncle.js in a code editor
  • Search for the text Your course is loading
  • Replace that text with whatever you want

  • Save, rezip and all that jazz.

You'll need to make this change each time you publish the course. 

I haven't tested this, but it should work.

Keep in mind that modifying the published output is not supported by Articulate. 

Hope that helps.

Sharon Blanchard

LOL!   That wouldn't fly with this client, maybe the next one. 

Seriously though, thank you for the help. I requested assistance from Articulate Support and they directed me to the community. I understand their business reason for not providing support for similar requests; however, it would be great to have some of these simple code changes readily available.

Matthew Bibby

I like to sneak little easter eggs in, even with those clients who are a bit overly serious. 

I once hid a fairy in every course that I developed for a client as it was the best way to get their QA person to review the course properly! We turned it into a game of "Where's Wally?", although the fairy probably wasn't called Wally! Once they spotted the fairy (and all the mistakes I'd made during development), I'd remove the fairy before publishing the final version.

Bit silly really, but life is meant to be fun!

Modifying the published output like this isn't supported by Articulate, which I understand, as these courses were never meant to be edited in this way. The risk that we run is that as the program matures and develops, some of these workarounds will no longer work as the underlying code changes.

But anytime you need to do something like this, post about it here as there are lots of clever people who love figuring this stuff out. And if you don't get a response, feel free to contact me directly and I'll help out if I can. 

Matthew Bibby

Glad that did the trick Rhian.

The fairy is really just a weird version of Tom's good old fuzzy thumb technique (see the end of the article). 

Everyone should have their own version of a fuzzy thumb, it works brilliantly!

Although you do need to be careful as it can backfire...

And yes, I did once forget to remove the fairy. And yes, the client found out.