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Michael Bauer

The text of Lesson 3 of 5 can be altered in Settings / Labels ... you can change Lesson and of to whatever you like e.g. Module 3 / 5 ... but if you delete the two words it will just show as 3 5, which probably isn't ideal!

If you are exporting to an LMS, I presume there might be some super snazzy Javascript workaround but I have zero clue how to do that. Perhaps another Hero in here can help.

Anthony Karcz

Hey Margaret! There definitely is! As you noticed, when you change text labels in your settings, it changes the labels for all of your Rise 360 content.

To prevent that, before you edit your label set, you'll want to create a new set to customize. This guide walks you through it (don't worry, it's super easy). 

Hope that helps! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.